Educational resources

Students and educators need access to the latest quantum computing tools and techniques to prepare them to join the future quantum workforce. We've curated a set of resources to help you gain practical skills on your quantum education journey.

Educational videos

From understanding the basics of quantum computing to learning about our latest research and hardware updates, explore helpful videos made by the Quantum AI team.

Google Quantum AI Update 2022

In our latest Quantum AI update, hear Hartmut Neven's thoughts on potential quantum applications and Erik Lucero's update on error-correction quantum computers.
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Progress in superconducting quantum computing at Google

Advancing quantum technologies is a multi-faceted enterprise including device design and fabrication, cryogenic and electronic setups, and software and calibration. This video highlights recent progress in noisy intermediate-scale quantum (NISQ) and quantum error correction (QEC).
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Meet a Quantum Mechanic!

'Meet a Quantum Mechanic' is a new video series where we highlight Quantum AI team members and their background. In this video, we introduce quantum hardware engineer Catherine Erickson who works in our calibration and characterization team.
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What is a quantum computer?

In this episode, Marissa Giustina addresses some basic questions about quantum computing. You'll learn about what makes a quantum computer "quantum", and what differentiates it from a regular computer.
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Quantum educator workshop

A 2-day workshop for professors and teaching assistants looking to integrate open source tools into their course. Basic understanding of quantum computing concepts is a necessary prerequisite.