Welcome to the Quantum AI campus

Santa Barbara is home to the Quantum AI Campus and Google's first quantum data center.

Big things are happening here

We built a campus to realize our vision of creating the world's first error-corrected quantum computer. From this location we will build an error-corrected qubit, serve access to Google’s quantum computers, and support the discovery of new applications for the NISQ era of computing.

Our new headquarters creates a hub for our team to integrate our leading research and quantum hardware with a tightly designed quantum systems engineering practice and data center know-how at Google.

Our research lab

Building on the success of our achievements in quantum computing, our new research labs establish Santa Barbara as a premier destination for quantum computing. Our campus brings together the world's leading physicists and engineers to develop superconducting qubit technology and in the near term deliver the world's first logical qubit--the transistor of quantum computing.

We are pleased to nurture our roots in Santa Barbara as we work to build an error corrected quantum computer. Through our close partnerships we have enlisted our local community to help build our campus and labs; we hope that it inspires the next generation of quantum mechanics, makers, engineers, scientists, students, and the community at large.

Our quantum processor fabrication facility

We take our quantum processor fabrication seriously. We strive to iterate quickly and drive the field into uncharted territory. In just 3 years, we’ve developed Foxtail, Bristlecone, and most recently Sycamore, the quantum processor that took humanity beyond classical computations and boldly into the NISQ era.

Our new quantum processor fabrication facility will bring the next generation of more capable quantum processors to the world. As new devices emerge from our fab, they are tested and proven in our research lab and later deployed into our quantum data center, all within steps of one another.