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Options for calibrating a PhasedFSim-like gate using XEB.

Inherits From: XEBCharacterizationOptions

Used in the notebooks

Used in the tutorials

You may want to use more specific subclasses like SqrtISwapXEBOptions which have sensible defaults.

characterize_theta Whether to characterize θ angle.
characterize_zeta Whether to characterize ζ angle.
characterize_chi Whether to characterize χ angle.
characterize_gamma Whether to characterize γ angle.
characterize_phi Whether to characterize φ angle.
theta_default The initial or default value to assume for the θ angle.
zeta_default The initial or default value to assume for the ζ angle.
chi_default The initial or default value to assume for the χ angle.
gamma_default The initial or default value to assume for the γ angle.
phi_default The initial or default value to assume for the φ angle.



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Whether the default angles are set.

This only considers angles where characterize_{angle} is True. If all such angles have {angle}_default set to a value, this returns True. If none of the defaults are set, this returns False. If some defaults are set, we raise an exception.


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Get an initial simplex and parameter names for the optimization implied by these options.

The initial simplex initiates the Nelder-Mead optimization parameter. We use the standard simplex of x0 + s*basis_vec where x0 is given by the xxx_default attributes, s is initial_simplex_step_size and basis_vec is a one-hot encoded vector for each parameter for which the parameterize_xxx attribute is True.

We also return a list of parameter names so the Cirq param_resovler can be accurately constructed during optimization.


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The parameterized gate to use.


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Whether to replace op with a parameterized version.


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A new Options class with {angle}_defaults inferred from gate.

This keeps the same settings for the characterize_{angle} booleans, but will disregard any current {angle}_default values.


characterize_chi True
characterize_gamma True
characterize_phi True
characterize_theta True
characterize_zeta True
chi_default None
gamma_default None
phi_default None
theta_default None
zeta_default None