The single-qubit Clifford group, decomposed into elementary gates.

The decomposition of the Cliffords follows those described in Barends et al., Nature 508, 500 (

Decompositions of the Clifford group: c1_in_xy: decomposed into XPowGate and YPowGate. c1_in_xz: decomposed into XPowGate and ZPowGate, with at most one XPowGate (one microwave gate) per Clifford.

Subsets used to generate the 2-qubit Clifford group (see paper table S7): s1 s1_x s1_y

c1_in_xy Dataclass field
c1_in_xz Dataclass field
s1 Dataclass field
s1_x Dataclass field
s1_y Dataclass field