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Generate a library of two-qubit Circuits.

Used in the notebooks

Used in the tutorials

For single-qubit gates, this uses PhasedXZGates where the axis-in-XY-plane is one of eight eighth turns and the Z rotation angle is one of eight eighth turns. This provides 8*8=64 total choices, each implementable with one PhasedXZGate. This is appropriate for architectures with microwave single-qubit control.

n_library_circuits The number of circuits to generate.
two_qubit_gate The two qubit gate to use in the circuits.
max_cycle_depth The maximum cycle_depth in the circuits to generate. If you are using XEB, this must be greater than or equal to the maximum value in cycle_depths.
q0 The first qubit to use when constructing the circuits.
q1 The second qubit to use when constructing the circuits
random_state A random state or seed used to deterministically sample the random circuits.