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Module: cirq.experiments.xeb_fitting

Estimation of fidelity associated with experimental circuit executions.


class XEBCharacterizationOptions: Helper class that provides a standard way to create an ABC using

class XEBCharacterizationResult: The result of characterize_phased_fsim_parameters_with_xeb.

class XEBPhasedFSimCharacterizationOptions: Options for calibrating a PhasedFSim-like gate using XEB.


SqrtISwapXEBOptions(...): Options for calibrating a sqrt(ISWAP) gate using XEB.

before_and_after_characterization(...): A convenience function for horizontally stacking results pre- and post- characterization

benchmark_2q_xeb_fidelities(...): Simulate and benchmark two-qubit XEB circuits.

characterize_phased_fsim_parameters_with_xeb(...): Run a classical optimization to fit phased fsim parameters to experimental data, and

characterize_phased_fsim_parameters_with_xeb_by_pair(...): Run a classical optimization to fit phased fsim parameters to experimental data, and

exponential_decay(...): An exponential decay for fitting.

fit_exponential_decays(...): Fit exponential decay curves to a fidelities DataFrame.

parameterize_circuit(...): Parameterize PhasedFSim-like gates in a given circuit according to

phased_fsim_angles_from_gate(...): For a given gate, return a dictionary mapping '{angle}_default' to its noiseless value

Type Aliases


CHI_SYMBOL Instance of sympy.core.symbol.Symbol
GAMMA_SYMBOL Instance of sympy.core.symbol.Symbol
PHI_SYMBOL Instance of sympy.core.symbol.Symbol
THETA_SYMBOL Instance of sympy.core.symbol.Symbol
ZETA_SYMBOL Instance of sympy.core.symbol.Symbol