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Simulate two-qubit XEB circuits.

These ideal probabilities can be benchmarked against potentially noisy results from sample_2q_xeb_circuits.

circuits A library of two-qubit circuits generated from random_rotations_between_two_qubit_circuit of sufficient length for cycle_depths.
cycle_depths A sequence of cycle depths at which we will truncate each of the circuits to simulate.
param_resolver If circuits contain parameters, resolve according to this ParamResolver prior to simulation
pool If provided, execute the simulations in parallel.
simulator A noiseless simulator used to simulate the circuits. By default, this is cirq.Simulator. The simulator must support the cirq.SimulatesIntermediateState interface.

A dataframe with index ['circuit_i', 'cycle_depth'] and column "pure_probs" containing the pure-state probabilities for each row.