Client for running on Google's Quantum Engine.


calibration module: Calibration wrapper for calibrations returned from the Quantum Engine.

client module

engine module: Classes for running against Google's Quantum Cloud Service.

engine_client module

engine_job module: A helper for jobs that have been created on the Quantum Engine.

engine_processor module

engine_program module

engine_sampler module

engine_timeslot module

env_config module: Utility methods for getting configured Engine instances.


class Calibration: A convenience wrapper for calibrations that acts like a dictionary.

class Engine: Runs programs via the Quantum Engine API.

class EngineException: Common base class for all non-exit exceptions.

class EngineJob: A job created via the Quantum Engine API.

class EngineProcessor: A processor available via the Quantum Engine API.

class EngineProgram: A program created via the Quantum Engine API.

class EngineTimeSlot: A python wrapping of a Quantum Engine timeslot.

class ProtoVersion: Protocol buffer version to use for requests to the quantum engine.

class QuantumEngineSampler: A sampler that samples from processors managed by the Quantum Engine.


engine_from_environment(...): THIS FUNCTION IS DEPRECATED.

get_engine(...): Get an Engine instance assuming some sensible defaults.

get_engine_calibration(...): Returns calibration metrics for a given processor.

get_engine_device(...): Returns a Device object for a given processor.

get_engine_sampler(...): Get an EngineSampler assuming some sensible defaults.