Module: cirq.interop.quirk.cells

This module defines building blocks for parsing Quirk circuits.


all_cells module

arithmetic_cells module

cell module

composite_cell module

control_cells module

frequency_space_cells module

ignored_cells module

input_cells module

input_rotation_cells module

measurement_cells module

parse module

qubit_permutation_cells module

scalar_cells module

single_qubit_rotation_cells module

swap_cell module

unsupported_cells module


class Cell: A gate, operation, display, operation modifier, etc from Quirk.

class CellMaker: Turns Quirk identifiers into Cirq operations.

class CellMakerArgs: CellMakerArgs(qubits, value, row, col)

class CompositeCell: A cell made up of a grid of sub-cells.

class ExplicitOperationsCell: A quirk cell with known body operations and basis change operations.

class QuirkArithmeticOperation: Applies arithmetic to a target and some inputs.

class QuirkInputRotationOperation: Operates on target qubits in a way that varies based on an input qureg.

class QuirkQubitPermutationGate: A qubit permutation gate specified by a permutation list.


generate_all_quirk_cell_makers(...): Yields a CellMaker for every known Quirk gate, display, etc.