A device that uses the gates exposed by the IonQ API.

Inherits From: Device

When using this device in constructing a circuit, it will convert one and two qubit gates that are not supported by the API into those supported by the API if they have a unitary matrix (support the unitary protocol).

Note that this device does not do any compression of the resulting circuit, i.e. it may result in a series of single qubit gates that could be executed using far fewer elements.

The gates supported by the API are

* <a href="../../cirq/ops/XPowGate"><code>cirq.XPowGate</code></a>, <a href="../../cirq/ops/YPowGate"><code>cirq.YPowGate</code></a>, <a href="../../cirq/ops/ZPowGate"><code>cirq.ZPowGate</code></a>
* <a href="../../cirq/ops/XXPowGate"><code>cirq.XXPowGate</code></a>, <a href="../../cirq/ops/YYPowGate"><code>cirq.YYPowGate</code></a>, <a href="../../cirq/ops/ZZPowGate"><code>cirq.ZZPowGate</code></a>
* <a href="../../cirq/ops/CNOT"><code>cirq.CNOT</code></a>, <a href="../../cirq/ops/H"><code>cirq.H</code></a>, <a href="../../cirq/ops/SWAP"><code>cirq.SWAP</code></a>
* <a href="../../cirq/ops/MeasurementGate"><code>cirq.MeasurementGate</code></a>

qubits The qubits upon which this device acts or the number of qubits. If the number of qubits, then the qubits will be cirq.LineQubits from 0 to this number minus one.
atol The absolute tolerance used for gate calculations and decompositions.



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Determines if it's possible to add an operation into a moment.

For example, on the XmonDevice two CZs shouldn't be placed in the same moment if they are on adjacent qubits.

operation The operation being added.
moment The moment being transformed.

Whether or not the moment will validate after adding the operation.


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Returns a device-valid decomposition for the given operation.

This method is used when adding operations into circuits with a device specified, to avoid spurious failures due to e.g. using a Hadamard gate that must be decomposed into native gates.


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Returns a set or frozenset of qubits on the device, if possible.

If the device has a finite set of qubits, then a set or frozen set of all qubits on the device is returned.

If the device has no well defined finite set of qubits (e.g. cirq.UnconstrainedDevice has this property), then None is returned.


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Raises an exception if a circuit is not valid.

circuit The circuit to validate.

ValueError The circuit isn't valid for this device.


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Raises an exception if a moment is not valid.

moment The moment to validate.

ValueError The moment isn't valid for this device.


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Raises an exception if an operation is not valid.

operation The operation to validate.

ValueError The operation isn't valid for this device.