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Module: cirq.linalg.operator_spaces

Utilities for manipulating linear operators as elements of vector space.


expand_matrix_in_orthogonal_basis(...): Computes coefficients of expansion of m in basis.

hilbert_schmidt_inner_product(...): Computes Hilbert-Schmidt inner product of two matrices.

kron_bases(...): Creates tensor product of bases.

matrix_from_basis_coefficients(...): Computes linear combination of basis vectors with given coefficients.

pow_pauli_combination(...): Computes non-negative integer power of single-qubit Pauli combination.


 'I': array([[1., 0.],
       [0., 1.]]),
 'X': array([[0., 1.],
       [1., 0.]]),
 'Y': array([[ 0.+0.j, -0.-1.j],
       [ 0.+1.j,  0.+0.j]]),
 'Z': array([[ 1.,  0.],
       [ 0., -1.]])

The four Pauli matrices (including identity) keyed by character.