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Module: cirq.ops.common_channels

Quantum channels that are commonly used in the literature.


class AmplitudeDampingChannel: Dampen qubit amplitudes through dissipation.

class AsymmetricDepolarizingChannel: A channel that depolarizes asymmetrically along different directions.

class BitFlipChannel: Probabilistically flip a qubit from 1 to 0 state or vice versa.

class DepolarizingChannel: A channel that depolarizes one or several qubits.

class GeneralizedAmplitudeDampingChannel: Dampen qubit amplitudes through non ideal dissipation.

class PhaseDampingChannel: Dampen qubit phase.

class PhaseFlipChannel: Probabilistically flip the sign of the phase of a qubit.

class ResetChannel: Reset a qubit back to its |0⟩ state.


amplitude_damp(...): Returns an AmplitudeDampingChannel with the given probability gamma.

asymmetric_depolarize(...): Returns a AsymmetricDepolarizingChannel with given parameter.

bit_flip(...): Construct a BitFlipChannel that flips a qubit state with probability p.

depolarize(...): Returns a DepolarizingChannel with given probability of error.

generalized_amplitude_damp(...): Returns a GeneralizedAmplitudeDampingChannel with probabilities gamma and p.

phase_damp(...): Creates a PhaseDampingChannel with damping constant gamma.

phase_flip(...): Returns a PhaseFlipChannel that flips a qubit's phase with probability p.

reset(...): Returns a ResetChannel on the given qubit.

reset_each(...): Returns a list of ResetChannel instances on the given qubits.