Module: cirq.ops.pauli_string


class MutablePauliString: Abstract base class for generic types.

class PauliString: An effect applied to a collection of qubits.

class SingleQubitPauliStringGateOperation: A Pauli operation applied to a qubit.

Type Aliases

PAULI_GATE_LIKE: An object that can be interpreted as a Pauli gate.

PAULI_STRING_LIKE: A cirq.PauliString or a value that can easily be converted into one.


 'I': cirq.I,
 'X': cirq.X,
 'Y': cirq.Y,
 'Z': cirq.Z,
 'i': cirq.I,
 'x': cirq.X,
 'y': cirq.Y,
 'z': cirq.Z,
 0: cirq.I,
 1: cirq.X,
 2: cirq.Y,
 3: cirq.Z,
 cirq.I: cirq.I,
 cirq.X: cirq.X,
 cirq.Y: cirq.Y,
 cirq.Z: cirq.Z


 'I': 0,
 'X': 1,
 'Y': 2,
 'Z': 3,
 'i': 0,
 'x': 1,
 'y': 2,
 'z': 3,
 0: 0,
 1: 1,
 2: 2,
 3: 3,
 cirq.I: 0,
 cirq.X: 1,
 cirq.Y: 2,
 cirq.Z: 3

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