Module: cirq.ops.swap_gates

SWAP and ISWAP gates.

This module creates Gate instances for the following gates: SWAP: the swap gate. ISWAP: a swap gate with a phase on the swapped subspace.

Each of these are implemented as EigenGates, which means that they can be raised to a power (i.e. cirq.ISWAP**0.5). See the definition in EigenGate.


class ISwapPowGate: Rotates the |01⟩ vs |10⟩ subspace of two qubits around its Bloch X-axis.

class SwapPowGate: The SWAP gate, possibly raised to a power. Exchanges qubits.


ISWAP(...): The iswap gate.

SWAP(...): The swap gate.

riswap(...): Returns gate with matrix exp(+i angle_rads (X⊗X + Y⊗Y) / 2).