Combines series of adjacent one- and two-qubit, non-parametrized gates

Inherits From: MergeInteractionsAbc, PointOptimizer

operating on a pair of qubits and replaces each series with the minimum number of SQRT_ISWAP gates.

See also: two_qubit_matrix_to_sqrt_iswap_operations

tolerance A limit on the amount of absolute error introduced by the construction.
required_sqrt_iswap_count When specified, each merged group of two-qubit gates will be decomposed into exactly this many sqrt-iSWAP gates even if fewer is possible (maximum 3). Circuit optimization will raise a ValueError if this number is 2 or lower and synthesis of any set of merged interactions requires more.
use_sqrt_iswap_inv If True, optimizes circuits using SQRT_ISWAP_INV gates instead of SQRT_ISWAP.
post_clean_up This function is called on each set of optimized operations before they are put into the circuit to replace the old operations.

ValueError If required_sqrt_iswap_count is not one of the supported values 0, 1, 2, or 3.



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Describes how to change operations near the given location.

For example, this method could realize that the given operation is an X gate and that in the very next moment there is a Z gate. It would indicate that they should be combined into a Y gate by returning PointOptimizationSummary(clear_span=2, clear_qubits=op.qubits, new_operations=cirq.Y(op.qubits[0]))

circuit The circuit to improve.
index The index of the moment with the operation to focus on.
op The operation to focus improvements upon.

A description of the optimization to perform, or else None if no change should be made.


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Call self as a function.