Module: cirq.qis.states

Utility methods for creating vectors and matrices.


bloch_vector_from_state_vector(...): Returns the bloch vector of a qubit.

density_matrix_from_state_vector(...): Returns the density matrix of the state vector.

dirac_notation(...): Returns the state vector as a string in Dirac notation.

eye_tensor(...): Returns an identity matrix reshaped into a tensor.

one_hot(...): Returns a numpy array with all 0s and a single non-zero entry(default 1).

to_valid_density_matrix(...): Verifies the density_matrix_rep is valid and converts it to ndarray form.

to_valid_state_vector(...): Verifies the state_rep is valid and converts it to ndarray form.

validate_indices(...): Validates that the indices have values within range of num_qubits.

validate_normalized_state(...): THIS FUNCTION IS DEPRECATED.

validate_normalized_state_vector(...): Validates that the given state vector is a valid.

validate_qid_shape(...): Validates the size of the given state_vector against the given shape.

Type Aliases

STATE_VECTOR_LIKE: The central part of internal API.