Wrapper around a stabilizer state in CH form for the act_on protocol.

Inherits From: ActOnArgs

To act on this object, directly edit the state property, which is storing the stabilizer state of the quantum system with one axis per qubit.

state The StabilizerStateChForm to act on. Operations are expected to perform inplace edits of this object.
qubits Determines the canonical ordering of the qubits. This is often used in specifying the initial state, i.e. the ordering of the computational basis states.
axes The indices of axes corresponding to the qubits that the operation is supposed to act upon.
prng The pseudo random number generator to use for probabilistic effects.
log_of_measurement_results A mutable object that measurements are being recorded into. Edit it easily by calling ActOnStabilizerCHFormArgs.record_measurement_result.



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Creates a copy of the object.


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Adds a measurement result to the log.

key The key the measurement result should be logged under. Note that operations should only store results under keys they have declared in a _measurement_keys_ method.
invert_mask The invert mask for the measurement.