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Module: cirq.sim.clifford


act_on_clifford_tableau_args module: A protocol for implementing high performance clifford tableau evolutions

act_on_stabilizer_args module

act_on_stabilizer_ch_form_args module

clifford_simulator module: An efficient simulator for Clifford circuits.

stabilizer_sampler module

stabilizer_state_ch_form module


class ActOnCliffordTableauArgs: State and context for an operation acting on a clifford tableau.

class ActOnStabilizerArgs: Abstract wrapper around a stabilizer state for the act_on protocol.

class ActOnStabilizerCHFormArgs: Wrapper around a stabilizer state in CH form for the act_on protocol.

class CliffordSimulator: An efficient simulator for Clifford circuits.

class CliffordSimulatorStepResult: A StepResult that includes StateVectorMixin methods.

class CliffordState: A state of the Clifford simulation.

class CliffordTrialResult: A base class for trial results.

class StabilizerSampler: An efficient sampler for stabilizer circuits.

class StabilizerStateChForm: A representation of stabilizer states using the CH form,