Module: cirq.sim.simulator

Abstract base classes for different types of simulators.

Simulator types include:

SimulatesSamples: mimics the interface of quantum hardware.

SimulatesAmplitudes: computes amplitudes of desired bitstrings in the
    final state of the simulation.

SimulatesFinalState: allows access to the final state of the simulation.

SimulatesIntermediateState: allows for access to the state of the simulation
    as the simulation iterates through the moments of a cirq.


class SimulatesAmplitudes: Simulator that computes final amplitudes of given bitstrings.

class SimulatesExpectationValues: Simulator that computes exact expectation values of observables.

class SimulatesFinalState: Simulator that allows access to the simulator's final state.

class SimulatesIntermediateState: A SimulatesFinalState that simulates a circuit by moments.

class SimulatesSamples: Simulator that mimics running on quantum hardware.

class SimulationTrialResult: Results of a simulation by a SimulatesFinalState.

class StepResult: Results of a step of a SimulatesIntermediateState.


check_all_resolved(...): Raises if the circuit contains unresolved symbols.

split_into_matching_protocol_then_general(...): Splits the circuit into a matching prefix and non-matching suffix.

TActOnArgs Instance of typing.TypeVar
TSimulationTrialResult Instance of typing.TypeVar
TSimulatorState Instance of typing.TypeVar
TStepResult Instance of typing.TypeVar