Module: cirq.sim.state_vector_simulator

Abstract classes for simulations which keep track of state vector.


class SimulatesIntermediateStateVector: A simulator that accesses its state vector as it does its simulation.

class SimulatesIntermediateWaveFunction: Deprecated. Please use SimulatesIntermediateStateVector instead.

class StateVectorSimulatorState

class StateVectorStepResult: Results of a step of a SimulatesIntermediateState.

class StateVectorTrialResult: A SimulationTrialResult that includes the StateVectorMixin methods.

class WaveFunctionSimulatorState: Deprecated. Please use StateVectorSimulatorState instead.

class WaveFunctionStepResult: Deprecated. Please use StateVectorStepResult instead.

class WaveFunctionTrialResult: Deprecated. Please use StateVectorTrialResult instead.