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Module: cirq.transformers.heuristic_decompositions.gate_tabulation_math_utils


in_weyl_chamber(...): Whether a given collection of coordinates is within the Weyl chamber.

kak_vector_infidelity(...): The locally invariant infidelity between two KAK vectors.

kak_vector_to_unitary(...): Convert a KAK vector to its unitary matrix equivalent.

random_qubit_unitary(...): Random qubit unitary distributed over the Haar measure.

unitary_entanglement_fidelity(...): Entanglement fidelity between two unitaries.

vector_kron(...): Vectorized implementation of kron for square matrices.

weyl_chamber_mesh(...): Cubic mesh of points in the Weyl chamber.

ind 5
perm (2, 1, 0)