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The result of an observable measurement.

A list of these is returned by measure_observables, or see flatten_grouped_results for transformation of measure_grouped_settings BitstringAccumulators into these objects.

This is a flattened form of the contents of a BitstringAccumulator which may group many simultaneously-observable settings into one object. As such, BitstringAccumulator has more advanced support for covariances between simultaneously-measured observables which is dropped when you flatten into these objects.

setting The setting for which this object contains results
mean The mean of the observable specified by setting.
variance The variance of the observable specified by setting.
repetitions The number of circuit repetitions used to estimate setting.
circuit_params The parameters used to resolve the circuit used to prepare the state that is being measured.




setting Dataclass field
mean Dataclass field
variance Dataclass field
repetitions Dataclass field
circuit_params Dataclass field



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Return the contents of this class as a dictionary.

This makes records suitable for construction of a Pandas dataframe. The circuit parameters are flattened into the top-level of this dictionary.