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Measure a suite of grouped InitObsSetting settings.

This is a low-level API for accessing the observable measurement framework. See also measure_observables and measure_observables_df.

circuit The circuit. This can contain parameters, in which case you should also specify circuit_sweep.
grouped_settings A series of setting groups expressed as a dictionary. The key is the max-weight setting used for preparing single-qubit basis-change rotations. The value is a list of settings compatible with the maximal setting you desire to measure. Automated routing algorithms like group_settings_greedy can be used to construct this input.
sampler A sampler.
stopping_criteria A StoppingCriteria object that can report whether enough samples have been sampled.
readout_symmetrization If set to True, each meas_spec will be split into two runs: one normal and one where a bit flip is incorporated prior to measurement. In the latter case, the measured bit will be flipped back classically and accumulated together. This causes readout error to appear symmetric, p(0|0) = p(1|1).
circuit_sweep Additional parameter sweeps for parameters contained in circuit. The total sweep is the product of the circuit sweep with parameter settings for the single-qubit basis-change rotations.
readout_calibrations The result of calibrate_readout_error.
checkpoint Options to set up optional checkpointing of intermediate data for each iteration of the sampling loop. See the documentation for CheckpointFileOptions for more. Load in these results with cirq.read_json.

ValueError If readout calibration is specified, but `readout_symmetrization is not True.