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Module: cirq.work.observable_measurement


class BitstringAccumulator: A mutable container of bitstrings and associated metadata populated

class CheckpointFileOptions: Options to configure "checkpointing" to save intermediate results.

class ObservableMeasuredResult: The result of an observable measurement.

class RepetitionsStoppingCriteria: Stop sampling when the number of repetitions has been reached.

class StoppingCriteria: An abstract object that queries a BitstringAccumulator to figure out

class VarianceStoppingCriteria: Stop sampling when average variance per term drops below a variance bound.


flatten_grouped_results(...): Flatten a collection of BitstringAccumulators into a list of ObservableMeasuredResult.

measure_grouped_settings(...): Measure a suite of grouped InitObsSetting settings.

measure_observables(...): Measure a collection of PauliString observables for a state prepared by a Circuit.

measure_observables_df(...): Measure observables and return resulting data as a Pandas dataframe.

Type Aliases



The maximum repetitions allowed in a single batch job.

This depends on the Sampler executing your batch job. It is set to be
tens of minutes assuming ~kilosamples per second.