Attempts to convert gates into ISWAP**-0.5 gates.

Since we have Z rotations and arbitrary XY rotations, we can rely on cirq decomposition for one qubit gates and need to only specify special decompositions for two qubit gates.

Currently natively specified gates are CZPowGate, ISwapPowGate, and FSimGate. This will also support gates that decompose into the above gates.

ignore_failures If set, gates that fail to convert are forwarded unchanged. If not set, conversion failures raise a TypeError.



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Describes how to change operations near the given location.

For example, this method could realize that the given operation is an X gate and that in the very next moment there is a Z gate. It would indicate that they should be combined into a Y gate by returning PointOptimizationSummary(clear_span=2, clear_qubits=op.qubits, new_operations=cirq.Y(op.qubits[0]))

circuit The circuit to improve.
index The index of the moment with the operation to focus on.
op The operation to focus improvements upon.

A description of the optimization to perform, or else None if no change should be made.



Call self as a function.