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Module: cirq_google.optimizers.convert_to_sqrt_iswap


class ConvertToSqrtIswapGates: THIS CLASS IS DEPRECATED.


cphase_symbols_to_sqrt_iswap(...): Version of cphase_to_sqrt_iswap that works with symbols.

cphase_to_sqrt_iswap(...): Implement a C-Phase gate using two sqrt ISWAP gates and single-qubit

fsim_gate(...): FSimGate has a default decomposition in cirq to XXPowGate and YYPowGate,

is_basic_gate(...): Check if a gate is a basic supported one-qubit gate.

is_sqrt_iswap(...): Checks if this is a ± sqrt(iSWAP) gate specified using either

is_sqrt_iswap_compatible(...): Check if the given operation is compatible with the sqrt_iswap gateset

iswap_to_sqrt_iswap(...): Implement the evolution of the hopping term using two sqrt_iswap gates

swap_to_sqrt_iswap(...): Implement the evolution of a hopping term using two sqrt_iswap gates and single qubit gates.