Specification of the arguments for a Gate and its serialization.

serialized_name The name of the argument when it is serialized.
serialized_type The type of the argument when it is serialized.
op_getter The name of the property or attribute for getting the value of this argument from a gate, or a function that takes a operation and returns this value. The later can be used to supply a value of the serialized arg by supplying a lambda that returns this value (i.e. lambda x: default_value)
required Whether this argument is a required argument for the serialized form.
default default value. avoid serializing if this is the value. Note that the DeserializingArg must also have this as default.

serialized_name Dataclass field
serialized_type Dataclass field
op_getter Dataclass field
required Dataclass field
default Dataclass field



default None
required True