Our lab

Our lab and campus in Santa Barbara is home to a state-of-the-art quantum data center, fabrication facility, and research workspace to enable new advancements in quantum computing.

Welcome to the
Google Quantum AI campus

We built a campus to realize our mission of leading the development of a large-scale error corrected quantum computers.

Our headquarters creates a hub for our team to integrate our leading research and quantum hardware with a tightly designed quantum systems engineering practice.

Virtual Tour

Step inside our lab

Santa Barbara is home to Google's Quantum AI campus, where we bring together our quantum data center, fabrication facility, and cutting-edge research. Take a virtual walk through our headquarters to see where it all happens.


Our research lab

Our Santa Barbara facility is a critical hub for our quantum computing research and development. This campus houses our advanced quantum processors, fabrication capabilities, and the dedicated teams working across our full quantum systems. We are committed to the pursuit of building large error-corrected quantum computers and are optimistic about the potential breakthroughs that lie ahead.


Our quantum processor fabrication facility

Our quantum processor fabrication facility brings the next generation of more capable quantum processors to the world.It allows us to rapidly produce and iterate on new designs, accelerating our progress towards more powerful and reliable quantum processors. As new devices emerge from our fab, they are tested and deployed in our research lab.