Our collaborative structure

As a team of individuals with diverse backgrounds of scientific and engineering expertise, we strive to weave together our distinct perspectives to cultivate creativity and foster innovation. Learn more about our focused approach to co-developing components that will help accelerate quantum computing.


Our commitment to the
Quantum AI mission

We're a diverse team of scientists and engineers united by our shared belief in Quantum AI's mission to lead the development of large scale error-corrected quantum computers and make their benefits universally accessible and useful.


Our hardware team is composed of researchers, engineers, and technicians who focus on the research, development and deployment of the entire quantum system: from processor fabrication, packaging and more. Our mission is to increase the scalability and performance of our systems at the hardware level.

Computer Science

Quantum computer scientists and software engineers at Google Quantum AI develop novel algorithms for both near-term "NISQ" devices and future error-corrected processors. We also focus on quantum error correction theory and software for building fault-tolerant quantum computers. Our industry partnerships drive the search for practical applications of quantum computing.

Physics Pathfinding & Modeling

We combine physical analysis and numerical modeling to gain a deep understanding of our quantum systems, from individual components to their large-scale behavior. This informs the development of advanced calibration tools, control protocols, and error mitigation techniques.


Our operations function works collectively with researchers and engineers to deliver products and programs essential for realizing our mission of building a large error corrected quantum computer. This multidisciplinary team provides the strategic direction necessary to catalyze the full stack development of quantum systems.