Building scalable quantum systems

Quantum AI's approach to co-developing hardware and software components is paving the way towards an end-state quantum computer.

Our full stack approach to quantum computing

Our focus encompasses the seamless integration of hardware and software components — from quantum processors, control and decoding hardware and cryostats to the operating system and user facing software.

We believe this integrated methodology supports the acceleration of advancements in both the capabilities of quantum systems and the potential applications they can power.


The future of quantum hardware

Our hardware is focused on superconducting qubits, requiring specialized cryogenic environments and custom control electronics. To achieve greater computational power, we are continuously working to scale up the number and quality of qubits while implementing error correction techniques. A key emphasis is placed on the tight integration of hardware components, all within a framework of ongoing research and development to drive advancements in the capabilities of the full quantum system.

Effective quantum volumeThe number of quantum operations or gates that contribute to a measurement outcome—the quantum computer's effectiveness. is a key metric we use to measure the capabilities of our quantum processors. This metric considers not only the number of qubits but also their quality and error rates, ensuring we provide users with hardware optimized for meaningful research and the development of long-term applications.


Advanced software for quantum systems

Explore the power of quantum computing with our advanced software stack. We develop the necessary calibration and error correction software to manage the entire quantum system. We also offer a suite of open-source tools, including Cirq which is specifically designed for writing quantum circuits for near-term quantum computers. Our stack also provides resources for error correction and applications research, supporting comprehensive quantum computing research and development efforts.