Research areas

Hardware control system

The hardware control system generates and delivers the signals to operate our quantum devices and measure the results. We develop electronics, cryogenics, and wiring hardware needed to control, readout, and scale our systems.

Quantum control

High-fidelity quantum operations are critical for both error correction and near-term algorithms. We are developing new metrology and calibration techniques to improve qubit performance at scale.

Superconducting processors

Our quantum processors are analog integrated circuits that operate at superconducting temperatures. We research advanced fabrication techniques and materials science joined with microwave circuit design to make state-of-the-art devices.

Physics modeling and analysis

Using analytical and numerical modelling, we explore the underlying physics of how quantum computing devices and systems operate. We use these models to develop advanced calibration and error-mitigation tools for increased system performance.

Quantum algorithms and applications

We research quantum algorithms for applications such as quantum simulation, optimization, machine learning, and linear algebra. We focus both on developing methodologies for contemporary “NISQ” devices as well as future error-corrected processors.

Quantum error correction

We are developing quantum error correction theory, experiments, and practical technology to achieve the goal of building a fault tolerant quantum computer within this decade.