This CircuitSweepExecutor will compile the circuit using quilc as a parameterized pyquil.api.QuantumExecutable and on each iteration of resolvers, rather than resolving the circuit with cirq.protocols.resolve_parameters, it will attempt to cast the resolver to a dict and pass it as a memory map to to pyquil.api.QuantumComputer.

quantum_computer The pyquil.api.QuantumComputer against which to execute the circuit.
circuit The cirq.Circuit to transform into a pyquil.Program and executed on the quantum_computer.
resolvers A sequence of parameter resolvers that this executor will write to memory on a copy of the pyquil.api.QuantumExecutable for each parameter sweep.
repetitions Number of times to run each iteration through the resolvers. For a given resolver, the cirq.Result will include a measurement for each repetition.
transformer A callable that transforms the cirq.Circuit into a pyquil.Program. You may pass your own callable or any function from cirq_rigetti.circuit_transformers.

A list of cirq.Result, each corresponding to a resolver in resolvers.