Setting up access and authentication to Azure Quantum

Azure Quantum is Microsoft's cloud service for running quantum computing programs or solving optimization problems and is currently in Public Preview. You can try Azure Quantum for free today and submit quantum programs to Azure Quantum's partners and technologies. To send quantum programs with Cirq to IonQ or Honeywell via an Azure Quantum subscription, follow the simple steps below to set up access.

1. Create an Azure Subscription

To work in Azure Quantum, you need an Azure subscription. If you don't have an Azure subscription, create a free account.

2. Create an Azure Quantum Workspace

Create an Azure Quantum Workspace and enable the hardware providers you would like to use (IonQ and/or Honeywell). For more information, see Create an Azure Quantum workspace.

3. Install the azure-quantum Python client

To connect to your Workspace from Python and submit jobs with Cirq, install the azure-quantum client package with the optional cirq dependencies as follows:

pip install 'azure-quantum[cirq]'

4. Next Steps

You're now all set up to get started submitting quantum circuits to Azure Quantum hardware providers with Cirq. To try it out, check out the tutorials below:

Getting started with IonQ and Cirq on Azure Quantum

Getting started with Honeywell and Cirq on Azure Quantum