Pasqal Sampler

The Pasqal sampler, via the cirq_pasqal.PasqalSampler class, executes programs and jobs using the API of Pasqal.

Note that the API of Pasqal is not yet open for public access. Please contact us if you are interested.

PasqalSampler class

The PasqalSampler class is the entry point to communicate with the API. It can be initialized using your PASQAL_API_ACCESS_TOKEN.

import cirq
from cirq_pasqal import ThreeDQubit, PasqalVirtualDevice, PasqalSampler

# A simple sample circuit
qubit = ThreeDQubit(0, 0, 0)
p_device = PasqalVirtualDevice(control_radius=2.1, qubits=[qubit])
p_circuit = cirq.Circuit(device=p_device)
p_circuit.append(cirq.X(qubit))                        # NOT gate.
p_circuit.append(cirq.measure(qubit, key='result'))    # Measurement.

# Create a PasqalSampler object to use.
# Replace 'my_token' with the access token and uncomment next lines.

# sampler = cirq_pasqal.PasqalSampler(remote_host='', access_token=PASQAL_API_ACCESS_TOKEN)
# results =, repetitions=1000) # Runs the circuit and returns the results in a 'Result'

Device Specification

Currently, only virtual devices are available. The options are:

  • PasqalVirtualDevice to emulate a first-generation Pasqal device
  • PasqalDevice to work with an unconstrained device which is then optimized and transpiled on Pasqal's side.

    See the Devices page for more information on how to work with these devices.

Calibration Metrics

Not yet available.