Module: qsimcirq


qsim module: pybind11 plugin


class QSimCircuit: A mutable list of groups of operations to apply to some qubits.

class QSimSimulator: Simulator that mimics running on quantum hardware.

class QSimSimulatorState

class QSimSimulatorTrialResult: A SimulationTrialResult that includes the StateVectorMixin methods.

class QSimhSimulator: Simulator that computes final amplitudes of given bitstrings.


add_op_to_circuit(...): Adds an operation to a noisy or noiseless circuit.

add_op_to_opstring(...): Adds an operation to an opstring (observable).

GATE_PARAMS ['exponent', 'phase_exponent', 'global_shift', 'x_exponent', 'z_exponent', 'axis_phase_exponent', 'phi', 'theta']