Before you begin

The following tutorials demonstrate how to configure the Google Cloud Platform to run quantum simulations with qsim.

You can use Google Cloud to run high-performance CPU-based simulations or GPU-based simulations, depending on your requirements. For more information about making a choice between CPU- and GPU-based simulations, see Choosing hardware for your qsim simulation.

This tutorial depends on resources provided by the Google Cloud Platform.

  • Ensure that you have a Google Cloud Platform project. You can reuse an existing project, or create a new one, from your project dashboard.
  • Ensure that billing is enabled for your project.
  • Estimate costs for your project Use the Google Cloud Pricing Calculator to estimate the scale of the costs you might incur, based on your projected usage. The resources that you use to simulate a quantum circuit on the Google Cloud platform are billable.
  • Enable the Compute Engine API for your project. You can enable APIs from the API Library Console. On the console, in the search box, enter "compute engine api" to find the API and click through to Enable it.
    • For more information about enabling the Compute Engine API, see Getting Started in the Google Cloud documentation.