Module: fqe

Fermionic Quantum Emulator


bitstring module: Bitsrting manipulation routines are wrapped up here to give context to

cirq_utils module: Utilities which specifically require import from Cirq

diagonal_coulomb module: Defines the DiagonalCoulomb Hamiltonian class.

diagonal_hamiltonian module: Defines the DiagonalHamiltonian class.

fci_graph module: FciGraph stores the addressing scheme for the fqe_data structures.

fci_graph_set module: FciGraphSet manages global bitstring mapping between different sectors.

fqe_data module: Fermionic Quantum Emulator data class for holding wavefunction data.

fqe_data_set module: Fundamental Fqe data structure

fqe_decorators module: Utilities and decorators for converting external types into the fqe

fqe_ops module: Operators in FQE.

general_hamiltonian module: Defines the most general Hamiltonian object.

gso_hamiltonian module: Defines the GSOHamiltonain (Generalized Spin Orbital Hamiltonian) object.

hamiltonians module: Defines Hamiltonian objects.

openfermion_utils module: Utilities which specifically require import from OpernFermion

restricted_hamiltonian module: Defines the RestrictedHamiltonain object.

sparse_hamiltonian module: Defines the SparseHamiltonian object.

sso_hamiltonian module: Defines Hamiltonian class for the Spin-conserving Spin Orbital Hamiltonian.

transform module: Transformations between the various paradigms availible to OpenFermion

util module: General Utilities

wavefunction module: Wavefunction class for accessing and manipulation of the state of interest

wick module: Utilites for index reorganization using wick's theorm


class NumberOperator: The number operator.

class S2Operator: The :math:S^2 operator.

class SzOperator: The :math:S_z operator.

class TimeReversalOp: The time-reversal operator.


Wavefunction(...): Initialize a wavefunction through the fqe namespace

apply(...): Create a new wavefunction by applying the fermionic operators to the

apply_generated_unitary(...): APply the algebraic operators to the wavefunction with a specfiic

build_hamiltonian(...): Build a Hamiltonian object for the fqe

dot(...): Calculate the inner product of two wavefunctions using conjugation on

expectationValue(...): Return the expectation value for the passed operator and wavefunction

fqe_to_fermion_operator(...): Given an FQE wavefunction, convert it into strings of openfermion

from_cirq(...): Interoperability between cirq and the openfermion-fqe. This takes a

get_diagonal_hamiltonian(...): Initialize a diagonal hamiltonian

get_diagonalcoulomb_hamiltonian(...): Initialize a diagonal coulomb hamiltonian

get_general_hamiltonian(...): Initialize the most general hamiltonian class.

get_gso_hamiltonian(...): Initialize the generalized spin orbital hamiltonian

get_hamiltonian_from_openfermion(...): Given an OpenFermion Hamiltonian return the fqe hamiltonian.

get_number_conserving_wavefunction(...): Build a wavefunction

get_number_operator(...): Return the particle number operator

get_restricted_hamiltonian(...): Initialize spin conserving spin restricted hamiltonian

get_s2_operator(...): Return an S^2 operator.

get_sparse_hamiltonian(...): Initialize the sparse hamiltonaian

get_spin_conserving_wavefunction(...): Return a wavefunction which has s_z conserved

get_sso_hamiltonian(...): Initialize the Spin-conserving Spin Orbital Hamiltonian

get_sz_operator(...): Return an S_zperator.

get_time_reversal_operator(...): Return a Time Reversal Operator

get_wavefunction(...): Build a wavefunction with definite particle number and spin.

get_wavefunction_multiple(...): Generate many different wavefunctions.

qubit_particle_number_index_spin(...): Generate indexes corresponding to the coefficient that is associated

qubit_wavefunction_from_vacuum(...): Generate a cirq wavefunction from the vacuum given qubit operators and a

time_evolve(...): Time-evolve a wavefunction with the specified Hamiltonian.

to_cirq(...): Interoperability between cirq and the openfermion-fqe. This takes an


vdot(...): Calculate the inner product of two wavefunctions using conjugation on

version '0.1.0'