Module: openfermion.transforms.opconversions.bksf

bravyi_kitaev_fast transform on fermionic operators.


bravyi_kitaev_fast(...): Find the Pauli-representation of InteractionOperator for Bravyi-Kitaev Super fast (BKSF) algorithm.

bravyi_kitaev_fast_edge_matrix(...): Use InteractionOperator to construct edge matrix required for the algorithm

bravyi_kitaev_fast_interaction_op(...): Transform from InteractionOperator to QubitOperator for Bravyi-Kitaev fast algorithm.

edge_operator_aij(...): Calculate the edge operator A_ij.

edge_operator_b(...): Calculate the edge operator B_i.

generate_fermions(...): The QubitOperator for generating fermions in bravyi_kitaev_fast representation

number_operator(...): Find the qubit operator for the number operator in bravyi_kitaev_fast representation

vacuum_operator(...): Use the stabilizers to find the vacuum state in bravyi_kitaev_fast.