Initialize a Majorana operator.

term tuple or string

The first element of the tuple indicates the mode on which the Majorana operator acts, starting from zero. The second element of the tuple is an integer, either 0 or 1, indicating which type of Majorana operator it is:

    Type 0: \\(a^\dagger_p + a_p\\)

    Type 1: \\(i (a^\dagger_p - a_p)\\)

where the \\(a^\dagger_p\\) and \\(a_p\\) are the usual
fermionic ladder operators.
Alternatively, one can provide a string such as 'c2', which
is a Type 0 operator on mode 2, or 'd3', which is a Type 1
operator on mode 3.
Default will result in the zero operator.

coefficient complex or float, optional

The coefficient of the term. Default value is 1.0.