Returns the 1-Norm of a RHF or ROHF Hamiltonian described in after a fermion-to-qubit transformation given nuclear constant, one-body (2D np.array) and two-body (4D np.array) integrals in spatial orbital basis.


constant(float) : Nuclear repulsion or adjustment to constant shift in Hamiltonian from integrating out core orbitals. one_body_integrals(ndarray) : An array of the one-electron integrals having shape of (n_orb, n_orb), where n_orb is the number of spatial orbitals. two_body_integrals(ndarray) : An array of the two-electron integrals having shape of (n_orb, n_orb, n_orb, n_orb).


one_norm : 1-Norm of the qubit Hamiltonian