Module: openfermion.circuits.trotter.low_depth_trotter_error

Module to compute Trotter errors in the plane-wave dual basis.


low_depth_second_order_trotter_error_bound(...): Numerically upper bound the error in the ground state energy for the second-order Trotter-Suzuki expansion.

low_depth_second_order_trotter_error_operator(...): Determine the difference between the exact generator of unitary evolution and the approximate generator given by the second-order Trotter-Suzuki expansion.

ordered_low_depth_terms_no_info(...): Give terms from Hamiltonian in dictionary output order.

simulation_ordered_grouped_low_depth_terms_with_info(...): Give terms from the dual basis Hamiltonian in simulated order.

stagger_with_info(...): Give terms simulated in a single stagger of a Trotter step.