Module: openfermion.transforms.opconversions.binary_codes

Pre-existing codes for Fermion-qubit mappings

based on (arXiv:1712.07067)


bravyi_kitaev_code(...): The Bravyi-Kitaev transform as binary code. The implementation

checksum_code(...): Checksum code for either even or odd Hamming weight. The Hamming weight

interleaved_code(...): Linear code that reorders orbitals from even-odd to up-then-down.

jordan_wigner_code(...): The Jordan-Wigner transform as binary code.

linearize_decoder(...): Outputs linear decoding function from input matrix

parity_code(...): The parity transform (arXiv:1208.5986) as binary code. This code is

weight_one_binary_addressing_code(...): Weight-1 binary addressing code (arXiv:1712.07067). This highly

weight_one_segment_code(...): Weight-1 segment code (arXiv:1712.07067). Outputs a 3-mode, 2-qubit

weight_two_segment_code(...): Weight-2 segment code (arXiv:1712.07067). Outputs a 5-mode, 4-qubit