Module: fqe.bitstring

Bitsrting manipulation routines are wrapped up here to give context to

frequently used operations.


check_conserved_bits(...): Check that str0 has bits set in the same place that conserved has bits

count_bits(...): Count the bit value in a bistring

count_bits_above(...): Return the number of set bits higher than the position

count_bits_below(...): Return the number of set bits lower than the position

count_bits_between(...): Count the number of bits between position1 and position2

gbit_index(...): Generator for returning integers that associate each bit in sequence with

get_bit(...): Return a bit located at the position

integer_index(...): Generate integers indicating the position of occupied orbitals in a

lexicographic_bitstring_generator(...): Generate all bitstrings with a definite bit count starting from an initial

reverse_integer_index(...): Reverse of the integer index function above. This function generates an

set_bit(...): Return bitstring with the bit at the position set

show_bits(...): Return a string showing the occupations of the bitstring

unset_bit(...): Return bitstring with the bit at the position unset