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Module: fqe.hamiltonians

Defines Hamiltonian objects.


diagonal_coulomb module: Defines the DiagonalCoulomb Hamiltonian class.

diagonal_hamiltonian module: Defines the DiagonalHamiltonian class.

general_hamiltonian module: Defines the most general Hamiltonian object.

gso_hamiltonian module: Defines the GSOHamiltonain (Generalized Spin Orbital Hamiltonian) object.

hamiltonian module: Defines the base Hamiltonian class for OpenFermion-FQE.

hamiltonian_utils module: Contains definitions for several Hamiltonian constructor routines.

restricted_hamiltonian module: Defines the RestrictedHamiltonain object.

sparse_hamiltonian module: Defines the SparseHamiltonian object.

sso_hamiltonian module: Defines Hamiltonian class for the Spin-conserving Spin Orbital Hamiltonian.