Module: openfermion.transforms.opconversions


binary_codes module: Pre-existing codes for Fermion-qubit mappings

bksf module: bravyi_kitaev_fast transform on fermionic operators.

commutator_diagonal_coulomb_operator module: Faster commutators for two-body operators with diagonal Coulomb terms.

conversions module

fenwick_tree module: Class to represent a Fenwick tree.

qubitoperator_to_paulisum module

remove_symmetry_qubits module: Module to remove two qubits from the problem space using conservation of electron number and conservation of electron spin.

term_reordering module: Functions to reorder terms within SymbolicOperators

verstraete_cirac module: Verstraete-Cirac transform on fermionic operators.


class FenwickNode: Fenwick Tree node.

class FenwickTree: Recursive implementation of the Fenwick tree.


binary_code_transform(...): Transforms a Hamiltonian written in fermionic basis into a Hamiltonian written in qubit basis, via a binary code.

bravyi_kitaev(...): Apply the Bravyi-Kitaev transform.

bravyi_kitaev_code(...): The Bravyi-Kitaev transform as binary code.

bravyi_kitaev_fast(...): Find the Pauli-representation of InteractionOperator for Bravyi-Kitaev Super fast (BKSF) algorithm.

bravyi_kitaev_fast_edge_matrix(...): Use InteractionOperator to construct edge matrix required for the algorithm

bravyi_kitaev_fast_interaction_op(...): Transform from InteractionOperator to QubitOperator for Bravyi-Kitaev fast algorithm.

bravyi_kitaev_tree(...): Apply the "tree" Bravyi-Kitaev transform.

check_no_sympy(...): Checks whether a SymbolicOperator contains any sympy expressions, which will prevent it being converted to a PolynomialTensor or DiagonalCoulombHamiltonian

checksum_code(...): Checksum code for either even or odd Hamming weight.

chemist_ordered(...): Puts a two-body fermion operator in chemist ordering.

commutator_ordered_diagonal_coulomb_with_two_body_operator(...): Compute the commutator of two-body operators provided that both are normal-ordered and that the first only has diagonal Coulomb interactions.

dissolve(...): Decomposition helper.

edge_operator_aij(...): Calculate the edge operator A_ij.

edge_operator_b(...): Calculate the edge operator B_i.

edit_hamiltonian_for_spin(...): Removes the Z terms acting on the orbital from the Hamiltonian.

extractor(...): Applies the extraction superoperator to a binary expression to obtain the corresponding qubit operators.

generate_fermions(...): The QubitOperator for generating fermions in bravyi_kitaev_fast representation

get_boson_operator(...): Convert to BosonOperator.

get_fermion_operator(...): Convert to FermionOperator.

get_majorana_operator(...): Convert to MajoranaOperator.

get_quad_operator(...): Convert to QuadOperator.

inline_product(...): Computes a product, using the imul operator.

inline_sum(...): Computes a sum, using the iadd operator.

interleaved_code(...): Linear code that reorders orbitals from even-odd to up-then-down.

jordan_wigner(...): Apply the Jordan-Wigner transform to a FermionOperator, InteractionOperator, or DiagonalCoulombHamiltonian to convert to a QubitOperator.

jordan_wigner_code(...): The Jordan-Wigner transform as binary code.

jordan_wigner_one_body(...): Map the term a^\dagger_p a_q + h.c. to QubitOperator.

jordan_wigner_two_body(...): Map the term a^\dagger_p a^\dagger_q a_r a_s + h.c. to QubitOperator.

linearize_decoder(...): Outputs linear decoding function from input matrix

make_parity_list(...): Create the parity list from the decoder of the input code.

normal_ordered(...): Compute and return the normal ordered form of a FermionOperator, BosonOperator, QuadOperator, or InteractionOperator.

normal_ordered_ladder_term(...): Return a normal ordered FermionOperator or BosonOperator corresponding to single term.

normal_ordered_quad_term(...): Return a normal ordered QuadOperator corresponding to single term.

number_operator(...): Find the qubit operator for the number operator in bravyi_kitaev_fast representation

parity_code(...): The parity transform (arXiv:1208.5986) as binary code.

qubit_operator_to_pauli_sum(...): Convert QubitOperator to a sum of PauliString.

reorder(...): Changes the ladder operator order of the Hamiltonian based on the provided order_function per mode index.

reverse_jordan_wigner(...): Transforms a QubitOperator into a FermionOperator using the Jordan-Wigner transform.

symmetry_conserving_bravyi_kitaev(...): Returns the qubit Hamiltonian for the fermionic Hamiltonian supplied, with two qubits removed using conservation of electron spin and number, as described in arXiv:1701.08213.

vacuum_operator(...): Use the stabilizers to find the vacuum state in bravyi_kitaev_fast.

verstraete_cirac_2d_square(...): Apply the Verstraete-Cirac transform on a 2-d square lattice.

vertical_edges_snake(...): Obtain the vertical edges in the 2-d snake ordering.

weight_one_binary_addressing_code(...): Weight-1 binary addressing code (arXiv:1712.07067).

weight_one_segment_code(...): Weight-1 segment code (arXiv:1712.07067).

weight_two_segment_code(...): Weight-2 segment code (arXiv:1712.07067).