Returns Hamiltonian as FermionOperator class.

grid (Grid): The discretization to use.
geometry A list of tuples giving the coordinates of each atom. example is [('H', (0, 0, 0)), ('H', (0, 0, 0.7414))]. Distances in atomic units. Use atomic symbols to specify atoms. spinless (bool): Whether to use the spinless model or not. plane_wave (bool): Whether to return in plane wave basis (True) or plane wave dual basis (False). include_constant (bool): Whether to include the Madelung constant. e_cutoff (float): Energy cutoff. non_periodic (bool): If the system is non-periodic, default to False. period_cutoff (float): Period cutoff, default to grid.volume_scale() ** (1. / grid.dimensions)

FermionOperator The hamiltonian.