Exponentiate a list of QubitOperators to a QASM string generator.

Exponentiates a list of QubitOperators, and yields string generators in QASM format using the formula: exp(-1.0j * evolution_time * op).

qubit_operator_list (list of QubitOperators): list of single Pauli-term QubitOperators to be exponentiated evolution_time (float): evolution time of the operators in the list
qubit_list (list/tuple or None)Specifies the labels for the qubits to be output in qasm. If a list/tuple, must have length greater than or equal to the number of qubits in the QubitOperator. Entries in the list must be castable to string. If None, qubits are labeled by index (i.e. an integer). ancilla (string or None): if any, an ancilla qubit to perform the rotation conditional on (for quantum phase estimation)