Module: fqe.openfermion_utils

Utilities which specifically require import from OpernFermion


ascending_index_order(...): Permute a product of creation FermionOperators so that the index goes

bit_to_fermion_creation(...): Convert an occupation bitstring representation for a single spin case

convert_qubit_wfn_to_fqe_syntax(...): This takes a qubit wavefunction in the form of a string of qubit

determinant_to_ops(...): Given the alpha and beta occupation strings return, a fermion operator

fci_fermion_operator_representation(...): Generate the Full Configuration interaction wavefunction in the

fci_qubit_representation(...): Create the qubit representation of Full CI according to the parameters

fermion_operator_to_bitstring(...): Convert an openfermion FermionOperator object into a bitstring

fermion_opstring_to_bitstring(...): Convert an openfermion FermionOperator object into the corresponding

fqe_to_fermion_operator(...): Given an FQE wavefunction, convert it into strings of openfermion

integrals_to_fqe_restricted(...): Convert integrals in physics ordering to a RestrictedHamiltonian

ladder_op(...): Local function to generate ladder operators in Qubit form given an index

largest_operator_index(...): Search through a FermionOperator string and return the largest even

molecular_data_to_restricted_fqe_op(...): Convert an OpenFermion MolecularData object to a FQE Hamiltonian

mutate_config(...): Apply creation and annihilation operators to a configuration in the

split_openfermion_tensor(...): Given a string of openfermion operators, split them according to their

update_operator_coeff(...): Given a string of Symbolic operators, set each prefactor equal to the