Base class for creating custom initial mapping strategies.

An initial mapping strategy is a placement strategy that places logical qubit variables in an input circuit onto physical qubits that correspond to a specified device. This placment can be thought of as a mapping k -> m[k] where k is a logical qubit and m[k] is the physical qubit it is mapped to. Any initial mapping strategy must satisfy two constraints:

1. all logical qubits must be placed on the device if the number of logical qubits is <=
    than the number of physical qubits.
2. if two logical qubits interact (i.e. there exists a 2-qubit operation on them) at any
    point in the input circuit, then they must lie in the same connected components of the
    device graph induced on the physical qubits in the initial mapping.



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Maps the logical qubits of a circuit onto physical qubits on a device.

circuit the input circuit with logical qubits.

qubit_map the initial mapping of logical qubits to physical qubits.