Stores common configurable options for transformers.

Used in the notebooks

Used in the tutorials

logger cirq.TransformerLogger instance, which is a stateful logger used for logging the actions of individual transformer stages. The same logger instance should be shared across different transformer calls.
tags_to_ignore Tuple of tags which should be ignored while applying transformations on a circuit. Transformers should not transform any operation marked with a tag that belongs to this tuple. Note that any instance of a Hashable type (like str, cirq.VirtualTag etc.) is a valid tag.
deep If true, the transformer should be recursively applied to all sub-circuits wrapped inside circuit operations.

logger Dataclass field
tags_to_ignore Dataclass field
deep Dataclass field



deep False
logger Instance of cirq.transformers.transformer_api.NoOpTransformerLogger
tags_to_ignore ()